Reporting on A Random Student (student)'s Submission

Errors when loaded? t

Comments on loading submission: OK, so there aren't actually any problems with load. But let's say there are and stick a comment in so we can see it print out when testing.

Errors when compiled? nil

Comments on compiling submission

Any other comments:

Running automatic tests on hello-world

********* FAULT ON TEST 1 (to see whether it returns nil as defined): (exercise:hello-world) returned (or signalled): #\Newline instead of: nil with arguments: nil

Score for hello-world automatic tests: 0 out of 1

Manual/Visual tests needed?

Check that the hello world output appears.

Running automatic tests on add2

Test 1 (to see whether it works on 0 as a boundary case): (exercise:add2 0) successfully returned (or signalled) 2 with arguments: (0)

Test 2 (to test it on a positive integer): (exercise:add2 2) successfully returned (or signalled) 4 with arguments: (2)

Score for add2 automatic tests: 1 out of 2

Manual/Visual tests needed?