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Go to the Spheres Ray Trace program.

Go to the description page that explains about this pedagogic application and suggests some projects to extend it.


The link above is a web-browser-based control for a Ray Tracing application adapted from the one in Paul Graham's ANSI Common Lisp. This application renders a scene in 3-space containing any number of colored spheres. The input form shows the spheres in a table, one sphere to a row.

Each sphere is characterized by seven numeric attributes:

You can edit the values of any attribute using any normal web browser. Only those spheres with the Enable box checked will be rendered. Non-enabled rows will be deleted the next time the form is updated, so remember to check the box when you enter a new sphere! The form always provides five empty rows at the end so new spheres can be added.

Several buttons appear at the top:

Finally, the Image Size radio buttons control the linear dimensions of the generated square image. The total number of pixels and therefore the rendering time increase with the square of the size, so size 400 takes 16 times as long as size 100. Low magnifications are useful for quick sketching and adjusting of the scene. Higher magnifications should be reserved for final renderings.

Author: Steve Haflich (smh@franz.com)
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