Using the Exercise Manager

This brief note summarises the use of the simple exercise manager.

HTML Output

The manager currently generates static HTML files which could be served over the web as they stand. However, hooks are provided in the code for live searches of the data.

Three types of file are currently generated. First, there are individual, standalone HTML files, two per exercise, one containing the solution and one without. These are suitable targets for a live search. Second, there are indices to the standalone HTML files; the functions provided generate index entries for all exercises specified in the input. Third, there are output files which contain in the main text the exercise specifications (one of which also includes the solutions); these are suitable for printing, perhaps using something like html2ps.


The exercise manager expects to find this in the form of input specification files (in HTML) and solution files (in Lisp) in a subdirectory. See the example provided. For each exercise, there also needs to be an index entry in data.lisp.

See the documentation for the class exercise in the source code for details of each of the input fields. Exercises can be selected using boolean expressions - again see the functions provided which generate the indices - and sorted by contents of chosen fields.