Links, References and Further Reading

This section contains information about other Lisp resources. Please email if you know of any other reference materials that should be included.


Lisp Web Sites

ALU The Association of Lisp Users A site devoted to Lisp applications written for use in the bioinformatics industry.
"CLiki" links and resources for Common Lisp free software
CLOCC the Common Lisp Open Code Collection
comp.lang.lisp FAQ
comp.lang.lisp newsgroup
Corman Lisp from Corman Technologies
Franz Inc. The creators of the Allegro CL family of products. The Franz site also includes a large number of success stories which showcase a large variety of Lisp applications.
Franz Inc. Lisp Prompt allows you to experience Allegro CL 6.2 via the Internet.
Hypermeta by Kent Pitman
Japanese Lisp User Group with numerous links to other Japanese Lisp resources.
Lemonodor A mostly-Lisp weblog by John Wiseman
Lispweb mailing list for Lisp-based web development
Lisp and elements of style lecture notes by Nick Levine
Fundamentals of CLOS by Nick Levine
Lisp Resources by Paul Graham
More Lisp Resources by Peter Norvig
Persistent Lisp Objects by Heiko Kirschke
SIGART the AI special interest group of the ACM
Successful Lisp by David Lamkins
Small examples and hacks by Tim Bradshaw

Further Reading

ANSI Common Lisp by Paul Graham
On Lisp by Paul Graham
Building Problem Solvers by Kenneth D. Forbus and Johan de Kleer
Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation by David S. Touretzky
Japanese Lisp books