Dynamic Learning Center

The Dynamic Learning Center

Welcome to the Dynamic Learning Center! Designed for both teachers and students, this website features examples designed to introduce future developers to the power of Common Lisp.

All of the materials in this site may be used free of charge when used for non-commercial or teaching purposes. We encourage you to submit examples and notes you've used in the past -- this will help grow the site and provide a larger pool of Common Lisp resources.

For questions or comments about this site please send mail to webmaster@dynamiclearningcenter.com.

For Students:
  • Simple and Intermediate Examples... On-line Tutorials and other Lisp-Learning Resources
For Teachers:
  • Simple and Intermediate Examples... Password protected solutions page to help you protect your assignments:
    • A Tester application which lecturers can use to batch test multiple solutions to the same problem
    • An Exercise Manager tool set which manages the library of Exercises found on this website.

New: Try out some of the problems given below using the Allegro CL 6.2 Prompt. Franz Inc.'s Lisp Prompt allows you to experience Allegro CL via the Internet.


Samples Small sample Lisp programs, with documentation
Exercises Short self-contained Lisp programming exercises, with solutions
Notes Practical notes on aspects of learning or teaching Lisp
Tools to support learning or teaching Lisp
Collateral Reasons for learning or teaching Lisp
Links and References to useful material including more examples
Submissions Guidance on submitting material to the web site, and information about how it is managed